Principal's Message
Welcome to KMJ English Medium School, Kanhirode , Kannur.
Our School believes that, belonging to a safe and caring community is a centre to fulfilling our mission to help children knowledgeable, responsible and responsible citizen.

All the students are important, accepted and respected. We organize our learning efforts around achieving deep and broad academic and positive character traits. Students learn and consider positive choice, set goals for achievements and contributes to others in the school community.
Mr.Ashraf K (Principal) KMJ English Medium School, Kanhirode
We are fortunate at KMJ English Medium School to have dedicated and knowledgeable teachers, assistants and support staffs eager to make a difference for our students.
Our school hope to continue the high achievement academically but more important, create students who have a love for learning and an internal moral compass which drives them to be great citizens in life.

Education is a continuous and fascinating journey, not a destination. I strive to provide the leadership that will enable all of the stake holders to realize the benefit of the journey. By working together, let us produce a literary environment that is exciting, innovative and creative for our students, equipping them to face challenges in life.
Our school looks forward to a wonderful year full of learning and fun for our students where everyone is welcomed and appreciated.
Extra Curricular Activities And Proficiency Prizes
Several extra curricular activities such as Music, Dance, Drawing, Painting etc. Will be implemented to the students.Sports day also will be conducted accordingly.

Proficiency prizes will be given to the students of every class.
KMJ ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL (Run by Kanhirode Muslim Jama-ath Committee)